The Quest for Kalevala

“The Quest for Kalevala” is an Uncle Scrooge comic book story written and drawn by Keno Don Rosa in 1999.

The Quest for Kalevala is based on the Finnish national epic Kalevala, assembled and partly written by Elias Lönnrot in the 19th century. Rosa’s inspiration for the story was a Finnish children’s book called Koirien Kalevala (“The Canine Kalevala”) by the Finnish cartoonist Mauri Kunnas, who was himself inspired by the original Kalevala.

Part of the story takes place in Helsinki, Finland, depicted in an accurate, realistic way as the city looked in the 1950s, though some buildings pictured weren’t built until the 1960s.

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In this page, you'll find images from Don Rosa's comic “The Quest for Kalevala”.
By clicking on the button below each picture, you can display the "D.U.C.K." dedication.

As a game, Don Rosa hid the four letters in most of his artworks, and fans had a blast looking for them in the pictures.

The dedication can be hard to find. Move your mouse over each picture to zoom-in!


The Quest for Kalevala cover

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