The Guardians of the Lost Library

“Guardians of the Lost Library” is a comic book story made by Don Rosa for The Walt Disney Company, mentioned by Comics Buyer’s Guide as “possibly the greatest comic book story of all time”. Although afraid at the time of its creation of cramming too many historical details into the story, Rosa himself mentions in Uncle Scrooge #383 that in fan mail he receives to this day, “Guardians of the Lost Library” to his own surprise is often referred to as “‘the best Rosa story’ or ‘the best Duck story’ or even ‘the best comic book story’ (?!!) that fans say they’ve ever read.”

In this story Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey and Louie, and General Snozzie search for the Lost Library of Alexandria. This story was Don Rosa’s first use of General Snozzie, the Junior Woodchucks bloodhound.

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In this page, you'll find images from Don Rosa's comic “The Guardians of the Lost Library”.
By clicking on the button below each picture, you can display the "D.U.C.K." dedication.

As a game, Don Rosa hid the four letters in most of his artworks, and fans had a blast looking for them in the pictures.

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The Guardians of the Lost Library cover

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